After travelling the world on-and-of for close to 5 years, and having visited over 50 countries by age 25, I began to realise that the world wasn’t this big scary place id once imagined. The cautious perceptions id had of countries and places quickly came down once I realised fundamentally people around the globe are like-minded. Humanity at its core is good hearted, everyone wants to be loved, and everyone is striving for their best life. With that in mind, I wanted to create a space where I shared stories of the road in the hopes that one reader may be inspired to take up a life-changing journey of their own someday. Hence the blog was born. Now Tread Wiser aims to bring meaningful content that informs the reader and fosters open discussion, so that we can all, tread a little wiser. That is our mantra.

Tread Wiser was formed in 2022, with the aim of producing media that will leave the viewer with new information and new insight. To step away from this webpage a little better off.

We keep it simple.

Simple blogs that are easy to digest and quick to give you the facts.


Blogs on Tread Wiser aim to inform from first hand experience.

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Tread Wiser also has a podcast which can be found under “Treading Better” on Spotify. A youtube channel with our content can also be found under Tread Wiser.

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