Book Review:  100 things by Sebastian Terry

*This Blog is a book review of Sebastian Terry’s book 100 things

Rating: 10/10

Type: Autobiographical

Genre: Motivational

Readability: 312 pages. Easy to read. Fast reading.

Note: This is my personal favourite book and No#1 read I recommend to people!!

Discussion: Suitable for all ages, I first read this book when I was 20 and it changed my life. Sebastian Terry the author describes his journey around the world trying to complete his “bucket list” of 100 items. Some of the items include skydive naked, learn a language, walk across a country….. this book will expand your imagination! His journey is uplifting, brings a tear to your eye then makes you howl out with laughter. Such a pure and honest endeavour, Sebastian embarks on a quest through life which sees him confront his biggest fears, and bring out the best in himself and others. This book left me feeling motivated, uplifted and instilled a sense of travel in me. I recommend this book frequently to anyone.

Audience: 12+ Suitable for all ages, but reading age would suit young teens to adults.

Conclusion: Highly recommend.  This book is a great read and an excellent gift to give to a loved one or friend.


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