Book Review:  Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

*This Blog is a book review of Scott Pape’s book Barefoot Investor.

Rating out of 10:  8/10

Type: Financial

Genre: Financial / Financial advice

Released: The Barefoot Investor Book is updates almost yearly to change with current financial advice. Currently there is a 2020 version.

Readability: 269 pages long. Requires note taking. This book is easy to Read and Pape has been able to accurately give financial advice without the typical confusing Jargon of a finance book.

Discussion: This book is well discussed and talked about as an “entry-level” financial advice book and usually one of the first financial books many people read when increasing their financial literacy. Scott Pape the Author presents the information in ‘Barefoot Investor’ without overly confusing or finance-speak that often loses a reader. The Barefoot investor is a practical ‘how-to’ guide on laying foundational savings methods to increase your savings and start to make savings plans. Each chapter in the book focuses on a new area of financial advice such as: Finding a bank account with a high interest rate, finding a lender with a good mortgage rate, separating your savings from your spending account and so forth. The ‘Barefoot Investor’ is a book which is usually given as a gift between friends / family / acquaintances as its methodologies are frequently discussed amongst readers who are new to the content for financial advice.

If your looking for a practical, straight-forward book that will give you some actual advice on creating savings habits, than the Barefoot Investor is a great place to start.

Audience: This book is for young and old adults and anyone in the workforce;

Conclusion: I recommend this book 🙂


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