Book review:  Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday

*This Blog is a book review of Ryan Holiday’s book Ego is the Enemy

Rating out of 10:  8/10

Type: Non-Fiction

Genre: Philosophy / Motivational

Released: 2016

Readability: 274 pages. Somewhat hard to read. Holiday touches on intricate topics which often require re-reading to absorb information.

Discussion: I really enjoyed this book, and already it has been shortlisted in my mind as a re-reader to come back to in a few years. Holiday’ uses a Stoic Philosophy viewpoint to build an argument with the reader that your Ego, is holding you back. Holiday structures this argument in the format of a story where each chapter touches on a new concept related to the Ego and how it has been dealt with in the past, and how you may deal with it in the future. Throughout the book Holiday consistently references ancient philosophers like Seneca and Plato, and brings in historical events and figures as examples for the reader when referring to the Ego. Holiday sets out this book as a “Call to Action” willing the reader to take-action on a path that has purpose, and isn’t dictated by outside forces or internal dialogue of self-fulfilment or self doubt. It’s a compelling read that more often than not makes the reader have to stop and reflect. I would say that getting to the end of the book the content does seem a little repetitive. After a few hundred pages of talking about the Ego, you as the reader are almost worn-out from the constant barrage of mental self-inflection, so there are times I had to put the book down and come back to it.

Audience: This book would suit late teens and older. Preferably adults.

Conclusion: Highly recommend. Worth a read to help keep you grounded and core elements of stoic philosophy are timeless in their reading.


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