Book review: Losing my Virginity – Richard Branson

*This Blog is a book review of Richard Branson’s book ‘Losing my Virginity’

Rating out of 10: 8/10

Type: autobiographical

Genre: Business / Motivational

Released: 2011

Readability: 611 pages long. Reading style is fast but book is quite long. Book does not get boring and keeps the reader entertained.

Discussion:  Great read. This book takes the reader on a journey through Branson’s life as a student to his success as a businessman. It shakes the conventional beliefs of business and Brand’s exploits and successes with the Virgin brand are almost miraculous when one reads the book and realises how many close moments to collapse the company faced. This is combined with an emotional telling of Branson’s family life and his endeavours to be a better father and how to leverage his financial position to help others. Branson also talks about some of his incredible attempts at trying to Hot Air Balloon around the world which saw him crash land and nearly die a couple times. Combine this with his origins as a student newspaper then a vinyl record salesman and you come to realise that Branson has lived an extraordinary life and it is telling throughout the book. Branson also touches on his humanitarian work which included rescuing people from Baghdad using Virgin airplanes. This book is a roller coaster of emotional ups-and-downs and a serious nod to Branson’s business acumen, charisma and luck. It is funny, emotional and uplifting all at the same time. Branson has undoubtedly left his mark on the world and this book is just one new addition. Highly recommend.

Audience: Adults

Conclusion: This book made me change my opinion of Branson, and made me respect the lifestyle he leads a little more. Branson challenges the idea of a conventional rich philanthropist and shows that you can combine business with fun, purpose with pleasure, and entrepreneurship with generosity.


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