Book review: Nelson Mandela by Christina Scott

This Blog is a book review of Christina Scott’s book ‘Nelson Mandela’

Rating out of 10:  7/10

Type: Memoir (biography of Nelson Mandela’s life written by Christina Scott)

Genre: memoir

Released: 2020

Discussion: Likes / Dislikes

As this book is a compact guide, it is a summarised version of Nelson Mandela’s life from boyhood, to his imprisonment and eventually his election as Prime Minister. For anyone looking to get an overview of the life of Nelson Mandela and the years preceding the apartheid and the problems that riddled South Africa through the 20th Century, this is a good read. The book touches on systemic racism that was commonplace and has some harsh realities for the reader. At times I felt this book glossed over certain issues too smoothly leaving out some key detail, but overall it is a good read.

Readability:  128 pages.  Fast and easy to read.

Audience: This book would suit high school students and adults.

Conclusion: A good read but not a comprehensive telling of Nelson Mandela’s life as this is a compact guide.  A great introductory to Nelson Mandela.


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