Book review:  The year of living biblically by A.J. Jacobs

*This Blog is a book review of A.J. Jacobs book ‘The Year of Living Biblically’

Rating: 8/10

Type: non-fiction, autobiographical

Genre: comedy / story telling

Released: 2012

Discussion: Likes / Dislikes

I really enjoyed this book as I was recommended it by a friend. In the book A.J. Jacobs seeks to read the bible, the old testament and the new and live as written. This takes some un-expected turns and takes the reader through an amazing year through AJ’s life that is mixed with laugher, turmoil, tears, contradiction and complexity. Following as many of the bibles rules as possible means AJ cannot use a phone on Sundays or do any work, not even helping with house work for example. This puts an obvious strain on his friends and family around him as AJ struggles to find the balance between bustling New York city life and the rules of the bible from thousands of years ago. This book also carries some great lessons and instils the reader with a more in-depth knowledge of religious motifs, and morals. Overall this is a fast paced, fun and light hearted read and one you will remember.

Readability: Easy to read at 404 pages, this book is structured chronologically. Detailing how A.J. Jacobs goes through the year.

Audience: Best suited to late teens and adults.

Conclusion: This book is an eye opener. You will remember it for years to come for its themes.


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