Different types of camping knots

Rope has a thousand uses and for each problem there is a knot to solve it.


Knowing different types of camping knots will come in handy at different times outdoors. Knot tying is always a useful skill to have and it can greatly increase the durability of a camp set up when someone is competent with tying knots and their correct applications.

Below are a list of different types of camping knots you may wish to use next time your off on a trip.

Note: for the purpose of this blog the word ‘rope’ will also be applicable to ‘string’ if you are using string when camping.

Knots in this blog:

  1. Taut Line
  2. Two Half Hitches
  3. Clove Hitch
  4. Jungle Knot
  5. Reef knot
  6. Bow line

1. Taut Line

Uses: Used on ropes that are pulled taut (tight). This knot is great for securing a tent to the ground. The taut line hitch can be tightened or even loosened by pushing or pulling on the knot along the rope.

Difficulty: Moderate

Image of Taut Line from stoneageman.com

Video of tying a taut-line here: 

2. Two Half-Hitches

Uses: This knot is useful for securing against a fixed object like a post, a ring or a tree. First make a round turn and then place to hitches below the double back line.

Difficulty: Easy

Image of Two Half-Hitches, from 101knots.com

Video of tying Two Half Hitches here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=74&v=KgB2_lwB_dI&feature=emb_logo

3. Clove hitch

Uses: used as a securing line(tarps), lashing, tying down tent lines.

Difficulty: Easy

Image of Clove Hitch from educatedhiker.com

Video of tying a Clove hitch here:

3. Jungle knot (also known as a shoe-lace knot)

Uses: This knot is handy for when erecting a line to string up a clothes line, a hoochie or to make a line that come be dismantled and erected fast. The name Jungle Knot refers to its use in the jungle where it can be easily taken down by simply pulling the loose end.

Difficulty: Easy

Image of Jungle knot from fiegen.com

Video of tying a Jungle Knot here:

4. Reef knot (also known as square knot)

Uses: Tying down loads, securing and fastening, first-aid (tie a bandage around a wound to stop bleeding)

Difficulty: Easy

Image of Reef knot from 101knots

Video of tying a Reef knot:


Uses: Named by some as ‘the most useful knot in the world’ the bowline has many uses. It can lash objects down, connect two lines of rope, fasten or secure. Mostly it is used camping to attach the rope itself to a ring (like the corner or a tarp or a tent line).

Difficulty: Hard

Image of Bowline from Reddit:

Video of how to tie a bowline:

I hope this blog helped just one person.

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