How to find North using the stars (Northern Hemisphere)

Find North by using the Pole-Star when in the Northern Hemisphere.


How to find North using the stars is a blog about finding the cardinal direction of north by using the stars available in the Northern Hemisphere on a clear night.

I am not a survival expert and information in this blog should not be used in an un-safe, un-controlled or dangerous environment.

How to find North using the stars (Northern Hemisphere)

1. Orientate yourself

Find the “Big Dipper” constellation. Also known as the “Plough”  

Constellation is seen below:

2. Align the stars

Use the bottom two stars of the Big Dipper to form an imaginary line which points to the Pole-Star

3. Face North

Turn and face in the direction of the Pole-Star and you are now facing North.

Remember: Find the big dipper, line up the two stars and find the Pole Star.

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