Melbourne Protest against proposed Pandemic Laws– November 6th 2021

On November 6th between 2:30pm-4pm I witnessed a large protest in Melbourne, Australia. This protest was opposing the new Victorian Government ‘Pandemic powers’ legislation.  This protest was peaceful, and I saw police officers walking along with the crowd even conversing with protestors. There was a strong family presence, and all ages, demographics, cultures and many ethnicities seemed to be present in the march. The march was well organised, did not leave mess or damage any property that I saw and people were engaging with police orders positively.  Protestors stopped on their way to Government House in the Kings domain to have coffee, grab a bite and continue on. There was not an aggressive sentiment amongst the crowd.

I estimated the crowd numbers from 5,000+  based on how many people passed me on Bourke Street.  


Bourke street to Government house. The police force stopped the protest in the park and did not let protests enter or use the stairs of Government house for the rally. Protestors congregated in Kings Domain.


November 6th 2021

Why were they protesting?

The main core of the protest ethos was

  1. No to the new Pandemic Power laws. Which Dan Andrews government seeks to pass
  2. No to forcibly vaccinating children until more data is recorded.
  3. Protest was not anti-vax.
  4. Did not support societal segregation for vaccinated and un-vaccinated

What did I see or hear?

I spoke to half a dozen protestors on the day, and what is important to note is that this was NOT AN ANTI VAX PROTEST. Many of the protestors were vaccinated and were simply out to protest the proposed Victorian PANDEMIC LAWS. As I stated earlier there was a very strong presence of young families, who did not like the idea of mandating vaccinations for children, but still supported the idea of vaccinations for adults. The narrative that this crowd was violent or anti-vax is simply not quite accurate.

Areas of note:

  • Crowd was in the 1000’s
  • Dozens of police. Multiple Squad cars, 4WD’s and even helicopters.
  • Many families marched
  • Both young and old marched
  • March was NOT anti vax
  • Protestors I spoke to did not like the idea of vaccinations forcibly placed on children
  • Protestors I spoke to wanted and chanted for IVERMECTIN to be allowed into use and trial in Australia
  • Many Protestors supported the initial Melbourne lockdown, but said the government policies were hypercritical, drawn-out and too long.
  • Melbourne was the most locked down city in the world
  • Signs read “ Sack Dan Andrews”  “Leave our kids alone”  “My body my choice”
  • Anti Scott Morrison sentiment
  • Anti Dan Andrews sentiment
  • Pro Ivermectin sentiment
  • Protestors said that forcing a vaccine mandate was against Australian law, and that body autonomy of self is separate from the state.
  • Protestors argue it is their democratic right to form protest.

What next?

Protestors I have spoken to said another rally was set to take place the following week, and they would continue to rally week-after-week.

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