The Golden Ratio. What is it?

The golden ratio, also known as the golden number, golden proportion or divine proportion is a ratio between two numbers that equals 1.618.

The golden ratio has a numeric value of 1.61803398875

This is also known as the Greek letter phi (pronounced pie or pi)

The golden ratio is used in everyday life for architecture, design, maths, construction, art, graphic design and so on.  Its prevenance in society is very ubiquitous.

There is evidence of the golden ratio found within nature; such as the proportions of the nautilus shell and even the human body. The “Vitruvian man” by Da Vinci is a famous example of the Golden Ratio being observed.

Because of its prevalence in nature mathematicians and artists have argued the golden ratio is naturally pleasing to the eye, and therefore aesthetically effective for use within aspects of society.

Architecture often follows the golden ratio

An example of a spiral growing outwards following the golden ratio