Why I started blogging

If you have made it this far to read this blog, thank you.


The start of any journey in life, whether that be personal, financial spiritual or any other pursuit is always a tumultuous but exciting time. So for me, this blog post is all those things wrapped into one.

I started blogging for a few reasons, so what are they?

1. I enjoy writing

I find writing cathartic and relaxing. The same way I enjoy running; after writing I find myself more mentally clear and placated. I knew I enjoyed writing when I realised I had been keeping a diary every day for months on end and looked forward to my daily journaling.

2. I wanted to create something which was mine and mine alone

In life we often work for others. I think it’s important in life to have a project which is yours solely as an individual to work on, therefore its failures are yours to learn from and its successes are yours to be proud of.

3. I was seeking a creative outlet

I would consider myself as a logical thinker. Someone who is calculated and measured. But I also greatly appreciate the art form of writing and the use of language. I love poetry, comedy, books both fiction and non-fiction. I think there is great power to language and I wish to exercise my mind through writing.

4. I cherished the idea of creating an online voice which seeks to help others

I realised that after years of travelling, working multiple jobs and careers, living in multiple countries, being exposed to alternate lifestyles and ways of thinking through meeting people from all walks of life; that I had formulated ways of thinking which were unique and worth sharing. If anything I have learnt from my life experiences can be passed-on to my blog readers, than that is a good thing.

5. Improve focus and self discipline

By sticking to a goal (in this case blogging) which was also a passion of mine (writing) I was exercising self discipline and improving my focus. Continuing to write blogs, regardless of how well they perform or how they are received, is actually an important practice for me in detachment and discipline.

6. To learn

Blogging is a great way of becoming a researcher by proxy. When you wish to write a blog you are forced to research that topic or, at the very least are forced to explore that topic deeper within yourself. To write about the things in life that amaze, perplex and inspire me; I too must delve deeper into those topics and that was a source of drive to expose myself to knew ideas while learning along the way. This is also accompanied by a slight online literacy and business acumen you gain by blogging. Blogging requires me to improve my writing, my understanding of online marketing, keyword search and much more.

7. Blogging is a business

I do not currently at the time of writing this blog intend to monetise this blog for the sole purpose of generating income. I intend to focus more on creating content which I enjoy and that can give value to the reader. In truth, if this blog does become successful than I will leverage its success to give-back to projects I believe in.

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