Why nature is the greatest teacher

“Nature gives you freedom. It lets you be yourself”

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Hiking in the Himalayas


We are all equal in nature.

Nature does not care how wealthy you are, what your beliefs are, where you were born or even how old you are. Nature will treat EVERYONE the same. There is no prejudice or bias distinctions in nature. She is the ultimate judge and jury and will pass down ill-fate or fortune on whoever she sees fit. Ships sink. Climbing expeditions fail. All people get bitten by insects or burnt by the sun. We are all equals out there.

It is true you can use nicer clothing or even have better fitness to lessen the elements of nature, but you are still experiencing the exact same events as everyone else. Nature, the outdoors, the countryside and wildlife are accessible to all who seek it out.

In nature we are one with the world, not separate from it.

For these reasons I have had the best experiences of my life in nature. Every time I go for a hike, climb a mountain, swim in a lake or dive in the ocean; I am neutral, un-judged and free. The feeling of freedom that nature gives cannot be bought, and having more freedom is one of the highest achievements of a life well-lived in my opinion.

This is why I am a strong proponent for living a life with time spent outdoors. Nature will test you. And the further you push against her, the further she will rise up to the challenge. Therefore, as your experiences in nature grow, so too does your learning about yourself; what you are capable of and what your new limits are. The bar is forever being raised, and your education never ending.

Spending time in nature and the outdoors is an investment in your wellbeing.

Spending time in nature also provides incredibly placating effects and has an immensely positive impact on improving mental health, our mood and stress levels. This is all for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Spending time in nature also has a ‘reward program’. The more time you spend outside, the more you notice. Giving you a greater probability that moments of pure astonishment can occur. Multiple times in my life I had dragged-my-feet about going for a snorkel or a surf and been blown away by an animal encounter; like a manta ray swimming underneath me, or a pod of dolphins catching waves beside me. You have to be in-it to win-it, when it comes to getting outdoors.

Some of the greatest writers, scientists, engineers and statesman and woman all gained inspiration from nature. Take for example the Fibonacci sequence found in sunflowers or pine cones, discovered by Fibonacci. Or the golden ratio which is used in nature to give biological proportion, as seen in Da Vinci’s ‘divine man’. We learn by observation and there are countless things to notice in a landscape.

I strongly support anyone looking to start spending more time in nature in their life.

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