Writing 70 blog posts

“Blogging has brought me increased self-discipline, helped me research new topics and has been a beneficial constructive learning experience.”

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This blog celebrates my 70th blog post!

Writing 70 blog posts was rewarding. My very first blog post was ‘the benefits of ice baths and cold showers’ and started my journey in writing about topics that interested me. Now I have completed writing 70 blog posts.

As I continue to grow my writing skills the blog is changing for the better. It now has a greater direction and it more focused on personal development, as I myself focus more on personal development.

On average I have published 1 blog per week since the blog began, and I hope to increase this number.

Over the past year a lot has changed in my life. I got a job working as an underwater photographer for 2 months on the Great Barrier Reef. I moved to a new city, Melbourne and started my tertiary education again. I worked two jobs, started this blog, took 7 months off social media then went travelling with my friends to Laos, Thailand, Nepal and the Phillipines.

I greatly began to focus more on my personal growth journey around routine, goal setting, fitness and personal finance in the last 12 months and felt better for it.

Anything you put time and energy into, you are bound to improve at and blogging is no different.

I look forward to publishing another 70 blogs!

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